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Join the Asociación Mexicana de Orquideología A.C.

To become a member of the Asociación Mexicana de Orquideología AC (AMO) You do not need to be an expert in orchids, just to like and have interest in learning a little more about their biology, taxonomy, ecology and conservation. To enroll only required to have interest in working together to address the key objectives of our association and pay an annual fee.
The objectives of the AMO are:

a)    To promote and disseminate knowledge of orchids..
b)    Promote and disseminate methods of propagation and protection of orchids.
c)    Conduct campaigns to prevent the extinction of orchids and especially Mexican wildlife.
d)    Coordinate and distribute information on methods of cultivation and breeding of orchids.
e)    To organize conferences, exhibitions and visits to disseminate knowledge and study of orchids.

Benefits of being a member of the AMO

The idea of ​​being part of a partnership born of the need to act together to achieve goals that go beyond the personal level and transcend the mutual benefit of the members and to the knowledge and conservation of orchids in our country. Inside you'll LOVE collaborate in various activities and can live with some of the most experienced orchid growers and scientists that are in Mexico. You will have the opportunity to exchange experiences orally, and find options to buy and exchange plants, especially the clones of selected and awarded by our association.

There are several sections in different parts of the country, and therefore can know the species and hybrids that are more conducive to grow in every region of Mexico. In Mexico City, the members meet on the first Wednesday of each month in the auditorium of the Botanical Garden of the UNAM. At these meetings live plants that are carried by the partners, and on them their taxonomic status, place of origin and their needs and recommendations are presented crop reports. So, month after month you acquire knowledge for the proper cultivation of different varieties of orchids, as well as some aspects of their biology. In addition, at each monthly meeting, conference by an expert on a related topic is taught are orchids.

Added to this, partners of the AMO are given a bimonthly newsletter in color, with photos and articles of orchids, both Mexican and foreign. In addition, the payment of your registration you will flatters an annual calendar with 12 photos of Mexican orchids. The calendar photos are selected through an open to members of the AMO contest, and each photo is selected photographer receives an economic stimulus, plus it will respect all photo credits.

The AMO sells some products, primarily crop of books and knowledge about orchids, members can get discounts on products and services offered by the AMO. In addition, the AMO organizes several trips to orchid nurseries in the country, and as a partner can get a discounted rate. Sometimes we also organize trips abroad to attend international exhibitions.

As a member of the AMO you have the opportunity and responsibility to bring plants to our exhibitions of orchids. Facilities within exposure are judged by the body of judges of the AMO and receive badges, ribbons or rosettes for excellence in the quality of your flowers or cultivation. The best plants that occur in the monthly meetings or exhibitions can receive a medal of high quality. All these awards only to plants of the active members of the AMO are awarded.

Inscription Fee

  • Active Member, $ 600.00
  • Chapter Member, $ 600.00 (Grouped in Section recognized AMO - $ 250 is deposited in the account of the National Board and $ 250 remain on the board of the section),
  • Students with ID, $ 250.00
  •  Students within the republic credential, $ 300.00 - $ 250 is deposited in the account of the National Board and $ 50 remain on the board of the section)


    • Cash - Cash - Live effective with our Treasurer René Fernández Román, during monthly meetings in Mexico City.
    • Bank Deposit - Alternatively, a direct deposit may be made in the association account at any BANORTE branch in Mexico.
      The account number is: 675004676 ,  (clabe 072180006750046761)
      Account holder’s name: Asoc. Mexicana de Orquideología, A.C.

      Note:Please help us verify your membership by sending a copy of your bank deposit slip to the Rene Fernandez Roman treasurer by E-Mail
      Please send the next information:
      • Amount in Pesos
      • Members Name
      • Full address with Postal Code (Zip Code) (So we can send you the Bulletin) y -
      • Phone, fax and E-Mail

The Re-entries are from January to March

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